SAFETI - Swift Action For Emergency Trauma Incidents

Based on the Hartford Consensus and TECC protocols,

this course combines NAEMT's Bleeding Control

for the Injured (B-CON) course and the concepts of

the Department of Homeland Security's Active Shooter

Preparedness Program.


This 4 hour course is for all first responders,
professional or civilian.  With critical trauma,
the fate of the injured lies in the hands of those
who are already there.  There will always be

inherent delays in the response of law

enforcement and professional EMS.  Critical injuries

can be fatal before they can arrive. 

This course teaches the basic medical interventions

of national TECC protocols, and response options for

emergency situations, such as an active shooter

event, a mass casualty incident, or accidental trauma.

What will you learn ?

In this NAEMT certified course, you will:


     -  Learn how to respond during an active shooter event.

     -  Learn how to perform a rapid trauma assessment, and learn to recognize

        immediate life-threatening conditions.

     -  Learn how to treat and practice treating massive bleeding through the

        rapid application of combat tourniquets, hemostatic gauze, and pressure


     -  Learn how to treat and manage airway issues.

     -  Learn how to treat and manage penetrating chest wounds using combat

        chest seals.

     -  Learn how to care for traumatic shock.

You will practice hands-on with actual and simulated trauma care components in both classroom drills and reality based scenarios.

Are Trauma Kits available ?

A custom Tactical Medical Solutions Trauma Kit is available.  The kit contains:


- Trauma pouch

- SOFTT-W Tourniquet

- CELOX Hemostatic Gauze

- Olaes Trauma Bandage

- FOX Combat Chest Seals

- Emergency Heat Blanket

- EMT Shears

- Nitrile Gloves

Swift Tactical is an Authorized Vendor for Tactical Medical Solutions


This 4 hour course is tailored for educators,
administrators, and staff of schools, colleges,
and other learning institutions, where student
safety may be compromised by an active
trauma emergency. 


Student safety is your responsibility, in an emergency,

your students will look to you for guidance and help. 

Be prepared to react and give them the time needed for the

response and arrival of professional EMS.


This 4 hour course is designed for the workplace.

Workplace violence and industrial accidents pose

a threat of life-threatening injuries.


When every employee is trained to be a first

responder, all are prepared to take life-saving actions

should critical injuries occur.

Many workplaces train in CPR and basic First Aid.  These

skills are insufficient to treat massive trauma injuries.

Take the next step to ensure the safest workplace environment.

What will you take with you ?

You will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to perform swift life-saving techniques in critical trauma emergencies.  You will be able to apply these skills in any trauma event.  You will be ready to save yourself, and those around you, during mass casualty and trauma incidents, and to render life-saving care to yourself, your family and friends, or other victims of traumatic accidents.


You will receive course certification through Swift Tactical and NAEMT.