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TCCC-AC - Tactical Combat Casualty Care - All Combatants

This National Association of Emergency Medical

Technicians (NAEMT) course was created by the US

Department of Defense Committee on TCCC.

This 8 hour course is designed for non-medical military

personnel and first responders, and teaches the basic

medical interventions of the TECC protocols, applied in

a tactical setting, such as an active shooter event or

mass casualty incident.

What will you learn ?

In this NAEMT certified course, you will:


     -  Learn the history and evolution of TCCC/TECC concepts.

     -  Learn how to perform a rapid trauma assessment, and learn to recognize

        immediate life-threatening conditions.

     -  Learn how to treat and practice treating massive bleeding through the

        rapid application of combat tourniquets, hemostatic gauze, and pressure


     -  Learn how to treat and manage airway issues.

     -  Learn how to treat and manage penetrating chest wounds using combat

        chest seals.

     -  Learn how to care for traumatic shock.

     -  Learn how to perform emergency rescues.


You will practice hands-on with actual and simulated trauma care components in both classroom drills and reality based scenarios.

Are Trauma Kits available ?

A custom Tactical Medical Solutions Patrol Trauma Kit is available, which, if purchased separately, would retail for over $200.  The kit contains:


- Drop leg trauma pouch

- Tourniquet belt pouch

- SOFTT-W Tourniquet

- CELOX Rapid Hemostatic Gauze

- CELOX Ribbon Hemostatic Gauze

- Olaes Trauma Bandage

- HALO Combat Chest Seals

- EMT Shears

- Emergency Heat Blanket

- Gloves


Swift Tactical is an Authorized Vendor for Tactical Medical Solutions

What will you take with you ?

You will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to perform swift life-saving techniques in critical trauma emergencies.  You will be able to apply these skills anywhere, to save yourself, and others around you, during mass casualty or trauma incidents, or other traumatic accidents.


You will receive course certification through NAEMT, and current certified EMTs and Paramedics will be earn 8 hours of EMS Continuing Education credits (CEs) through CAPCE.

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